Dear Mackie and Hawley Family Members,

welcome-to-maxweltonThought you knew everything about Mackie and Maxwelton history? Have you ever seen photos of Peter and Ada Mackie’s parents and grandparents? Did you know that the Mackie house in Seattle is still there?

A few of your Mackie cousins are in the process of collecting family photos and history. So far topics include: South Whidbey maritime history, the family migration from Canada, important early landmarks, the Chautauqua, and Maxwelton lumber mills.

PH & Ada Family Photo – Circa 1928

The photo below is our PH and Ada Mackie family, with their twelve children. The photo was taken at their Maxwelton farm on Whidbey Island, located Washington’s the Puget Sound. The names of all PH & Ada Mackie family members, with birth and death years, are captioned below this photo.

PH & Ada Mackie Family – Circa 1928

Top Row

Hiram                                    Donald                                                Joseph
Bruce                 Julia          Dean                 Jeanette               Cameron              Florence
1898-1935     Ann         1904-1980     Pauline                  1901-1984         Grace
                              1894-1989                        1907-1976                                            1903-1984

Middle Row

            Alden                                                                       Emily                                             James
            Wilmot                                                                   Elizabeth                                      Roe
            1905-1995                                                          1894-1980                                 1899-1958

Bottom Row

     Wallace                        Peter                                                       Ada                                Vincent
    Gordon                         Howard               Clayton                 Bunker                        Leroy
    1896-1976                1862-1948         Howard                Hawley                      1911-1982
                                                                                1913-1983        1871-1953

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