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Dear Mackie Family Members,

Thought you knew everything about Mackie and Maxwelton history? Have you ever seen photos of Peter and Ada Mackie’s parents and grandparents? Did you know that the Mackie house in Seattle is still there?

A few of your Mackie cousins are in the process of collecting family photos and history. So far topics include: South Whidbey maritime history, the family migration from Canada, important early landmarks, the Chautauqua, and Maxwelton lumber mills.

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  1. John Williamson

    October 11, 2020 at 7:42 am

    My name is John Williamson, and I married Rebecca ( Green ) whose grandmother was Emily Mackie. Her Grandfather who married Emily was Herb Green. Her mom was Nita ( Fish ) Green and her Dad was Everett Green.
    Have you added or found more pictures of family or Maxwelton area?
    Would like to share with you.
    If still actively working the website please connect .

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